Make a donation now and help vulnerable communities around the world

Make a donation now and help vulnerable communities around the world

We believe in a better world

The HOPE Conteiner Foundation believes in raising global awareness of the challenges facing the world’s most vulnerable communities. It believes that through actions that impact on community development, we create and drive change in the behavior and way people face their challenges.

By structuring an orphanage, an outpatient clinic and a school, the HOPE Conteiner Foundation along with its group of volunteers and collaborators will be supporting this mission in Haiti and all around the world.

What We Do

01. Donations

We collect material and financial donations from people and companies interested in maintaining our social projects.

02. Organize

We separate the donations received, organizing them according to their usefulness so that they are sent to each of our social programs.

03. Send them

Donations are carefully stored in containers to be sent to our missions in Haiti and around the world.

04. Change the world

With our donations, we can impact and help vulnerable communities to create opportunities to their development.

Donations to who needs

When we think of needy communities, everything you donate will be welcome!

Non-perishable food, furniture, medical supplies, school supplies, clothes, shoes, tools, household items!

Medical Care

The foundation supports the Haiti project in the construction of better facilities, at the community medical clinic in Gounaive, we also send medicines, radiological devices, vitamins, etc.

Orphanage in Haiti

Currently, the Haiti project, created by our foundation, welcomes 150 orphans who depend exclusively on our donations!

School in Haiti

In an extremely needy community, our school project beautifully performed by pastor Aristild Anesse, with more than 500 children, receives food and encouragement to seek a better life through education!